Fucking 40 Bois

A rambling documentary peek into a mid-30s guy's attempts to fuck all the bois who would not give him the time of day when he was a closeted miserable 20-something. Also has tons of insights into the state of gay America and my opinions on morality and sexuality in the used-to-be-good ole' US of A. An early fan just called it "un-spellchecked and passionate..."--sounds good to me!


Numero Uno

Okay, I know it is not summer time yet but I have decided to start the clock on me having 40, yes 40, hot bois in my bed before Labor Day.

Who is number one? Just what I crave...22, totally smooth (maybe not even shaving yet), completely into the Daddy/Boi scene. He was a complete bottom with me and a total cutie...loves to have his nipples bitten hard and even asked to be disciplined with my brown leather belt. Once he came I asked him if it was good and he gasped, "of course, it was all hot and dirty!"

I tried to fuck him but, alas, 'twas a struggle to get a finger in. I would love to have him again but he is very much into play...so I may never see him again. That is kinda the part that really sucks about all this...it is so very hard to make a real connection with any of these bois. But it is teaching me about what I want in my next long term relationship.

At the end of our hot, hot session (where he came all over his shoulder blades and flat tummy) I found out he is ANOTHER boi from the CC (Columbia College) class of 2005. I told him I thought many of his peers were queers, to which he responded, "no shit."


Why I Get So Much Attention

This is the reason why...among other things...and I fully realize what that means to hot little bottom bois.

I used to struggle with it. I read peices from other hung men who felt they were being used for the meat they had between their legs. That they felt they were not being appreciated for who they were...they all they were to other guys was a big cock.

Then it dawned on me...aren't we all a sum of parts? A chin, some eyes, the way we laugh. Why is it that someone loving you for your sense of humor is okay, but loving you for having an enormous mushroom head is shallow?

I know what sort of things make me hungry for a guy...and am aware of at least one of the things that makes very pretty bois, far prettier than me, spread their ass cheeks. I have a big, thick long boner between my legs (thanks ancestor with the big dong gene!). I also have a great personality (disarming, frank, funny), a muscular chest, guns and legs, and I am a man of my word.

So let them love me for my penis...I can think of worse things. Namely, I suppose, not having a big schlong to adore.

Spring Broke

So I had the hairy boi over (mentioned in the last post) and he was worse than I thought. This just in: 22 does not guarantee there will not be major problems. However, I made the best of it and he blew me...wow what a mouth. So his mouth and a few hit of poppers equals a happy ending...him gulping it down and taking off a few minutes later.

So I go to sleep and at 4:50 awake to pee...it was cold but I had to do it. Then back to bed...or so I thought. Turns out I could never quite get it all out...I soon realized a. blood was in my urine and b. I had the clap.

So off to the hospital for blood samples, ultrasounds, a few naps and a perscription for some high-toned antibiotic. Yeah...it was a urinary track infection from playing around last week.

Did I fuck bearback? Yes and know... on a few guys, cancel, all of them, I rubbed my cock head on their smooth asses and even slid it in a little. Did I stroke deep and cum? No... But that little bit of "safe" fucking infected me and it hurt! So I am popping pills now and even missed a chance to fuck the Danish guy Friday. That hurt the most of all... :(


hairy bois

I am just not into hairy bois...

If I am going to top, I really need them to be 5ft 8 or 9 inches tall, 30-32 waist...and smooth...bois are boyish...so that means smooth.

I have a hot little one from Columbia who texts me and calls me...the fact that he is from Columbia is hot enough...I love bedding little Ivy Leaguers. But he is a tad too hairy for my tastes. However, he makes up for that with attitude...calling me sir, buying sexy underwear to model in...and being impatient for my cock. But I am worried that after a short period of play my interest, and erection, might wain.

I just got an IM from him saying,
"sorry, i dont think it will work, or we wont have that much time dad
what is your window tomorrow night?"

How many times have I told him I can't do mid-week? And I thought he was a smartie...oh well, I am going for the Danish blonde...will keep you posted.


Getting Unstuck

So it's Saturday and I had a good night's rest...so time to workout, do some school work and fuck at hot boi...

I am replying to some leads from pervious hunts...we will see what's up soon enough.

Got a problem though...it's this boi seen at the top...

He is the first one I connected with in the cycle mentioned in my first post. He is 22, an interesting ethnic mix and works at one of the City's big fashion mags. We hooked up a long time ago and what we did was a I sucked him off...over and over (gotta love these young ones :)). Well we never heard from each other again....

Flash forward to last Saturday....I was on my way to connect with this guy closer to my age when he comes on line and says hi....we swapped face pics and then I called him. Well forget the other guy...I knew this boi and wanted him again. We connected, got a cab back to my place and he fucked me. Now wait, you say...what is Mr. Top man doing getting fucked? I don't know....but he was sexy in just the right way and wanted it...so I let him have it.

Well then we did my fav thing, sleep together, holding and touching all night... Woke up the next morning and he told me he felt like a hot little bottom boi. Well I am best in the AM after some rest so I proceeded to eat, lick and caress him. After a lot of work I kinda got my head in and he shot all over himself. We cleaned up and slept some more. Then did it again...and again...and again... Five times in all. We also talked, laughed and ate organic egg whites.

We really connnected...or so I thought. BTW, I never got inside...too tight...and that drove/drives me crazy. So I want him now....and he will not return my e-mail or phone calls...

Unlike other ones, I am not gonna quit...just yet. I don't know why he is acting this way but I have to figure it out. He is not the handsomest....I have hot far hotter...and he is not the smartest of them all, although he is very smart. But there is something there....and I gotta have it again.

So, regardless of if I fuck today, I am gonna connnect....one way or 'thuther.


Alas, a failed fuck

Okay, so I left dinner with my best friend to go up to 109 and fuck this "model." Yeah...

He let me in his getto apt and was not quite the vision his sole picture presented. But he was good enough...young, tight, smooth...and very horny. He had called earlier to see if I wanted a three-way with another top and I said no...I don't like to be in competition and what if the guy is hotter (more hung, virile, dominant) than me?

So I get my hot little boi in the sack and he won't suck me...he keeps asking for breaks. I get out poppers...he kinda sniffs and then lies there. I told him to suck me...and he told me he won't without a condom.

Fuck this. I got up and left. I am not asking him to give me his ass...just a little time with his mouth around my rod. I told him he was full of bullshit...got dressed and left. He kept saying, "dont' take it personally" and I finally said that I was not. However, I defied him to waste anyone else's time. Don't advertise as a sub bottom who wants to be gang-banged and then turn around and refuse to give a littel head.

I left and am online now. It is early and I need boi 5...stat tuned.


Why Fuck 40 Bois?

Hi there...while at the gym today I decided to document my summer goal...that of fucking 40 absolutely beautiful, A-list men, over the summer of 2006.

This all started as a joke with me saying to myself and a str8 and gay friend that I wanted to fuck 5 really hot bois over my spring break. Well, I have done harder things in my life...over the past week I have had 4 beauties--a 22 year-old fashion editor, a 21 year-old lacrosse player, a 27 year-old investment banker, a 32 year-old Olympic swimmer and--and have the fifth one, a model, lined up for tonight.

So if I can do that why not 40 beauties over the summer?